Aimee Smith

Aimee Smith is a full-time voice actress and frequent guest coach with 'Voices of Tomorrow,' teaching Australians how to get involved with video game voiceover. She started her journey back in 2011 in Sydney, and since then has gone on to voice for over 100 video game characters, including in Freedom Planet (Milla), Siegecraft Commander (Ktara) and Effie (Melira and Effie), all currently available on the PS4. She also voices in the video games Crush Crush (Tessa and Sirina), Battlerite (Alysia) and Levelhead (MAYA). Aimee also plays the roles of Tera, Ivy and Molly in Aphmau's popular Minecraft YouTube series with over 4 million dedicated subscribers to the channel.

Aimee has given talks at pop-culture conventions, conferences, libraries and schools, and as a former primary school teacher herself, events are one of the places she truly thrives.

To learn more about Aimee, give her a follow on Twitter at @AimeeSmithVA or check out her website at:

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